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Bulgaria friends:Springs brewing beer, delicious!

International City Alliance Of Springs Cultural Landscape [more]

freeman of Sacramento of California:this annual meeting well revealed

   International City Alliance Of Springs Cultural Landscape [more]

Ahcop:the local delicacy is pretty good to be worth trying.

International City Alliance Of Springs Cultural Landscape [more]

Mishina. Elena:Jinan citizens friendly and hospitable

International City Alliance Of Springs Cultural Landscape[more]

Annual Meeting Updates

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During the coffee break, some representatives spoke out…………

Give advice about protecting

more than 200 people from various circles of society take participate …………

Carefully listen to the meeting

During the meeting, many a representative delivered the speechs…………

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Bath, UK

Bath, located in the southwest of the UK and 160 km away from London, covers an areas of 28 km2 with a population of 90,000 It is known as the one and only World Heritage city where Britain’s only natural thermal springs gush out and also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK The Roman Baths Museum, developed based on the Roman Baths at Bath which was built 2,000 years ago by the Romans, has earned its worldwide reputation with its well-preserved remains much valued by the tourists and historians alike

  • on Aug, 2016

    The spring exhibition
  • on Aug. 2016

    Black Tiger Spring Sketch
  • on Aug. 2016

    Bath Hot Spring Itinerar
  • on Aug. 2016

    Bath Itinerar

Uphold the philosophy of green and sustainable development by respecting the nature, protecting the ecology, and inheriting history so as to make it possible for harmonious surroundings and poetic dwellings;
Commit to the principle of “authenticity, integrity, continuity, and identifiability” in order to protect historical and culture heritages, and sustain the cultural vein of the city。